Stop Bird Mites In Bed

Let’s get one thing clear – there is no such thing as ‘Bed Mites’. Although there are many bugs and parasite species that can end up sharing a bed with you, they are varied and differential and the bites you may be receiving are not ‘Bed Mites bites’. We are focussing on Bird Mite infestations that can potentially occur in your bedroom, with the situation normally being that you end up with Mites in bed with you.

There are several ways to catch Bed Mites (Bird Mites) so you can confirm an infestation and take the next steps in eradicating them from your home. Having a captured specimen to show an expert will help greatly in order to identify the exact species of Mite to refine treatment methods as best as possible. Most of these methods will also help you to protect yourself when you’re at your most vulnerable – asleep! Having/Thinking that Mites in bed with you is definitely no fun. Further information on how to get rid of Bird Mites can be found here, as well as several DIY treatment methods being found on this page.

  • Pan of water method:

In a room that you expect that an infestation is present, place a pan/container of boiling water in the centre of it as late at night as you’re able to, while keeping the room as dark as possible. Leave the water in the room for a couple of hours re-check. The Carbon Dioxide present in the boiling steam should be enough to attract the at least one Bird Mite and you will hopefully find one or two in the pan.


If you manage to catch a Bird Mite using any of these methods and wish to keep the Bird Mite until an examiner arrives, use rubbing alcohol to temporarily store it without it degrading.

  • Double-sided tape method

You can place strips of double-sided sticky tape anywhere you believe a Bird Mite to be present – but if you’re worried about Mites in bed, a more reliable method would be to place the tape around the parameter of your mattress. As you sleep, the Bird Mites will try to crawl towards you for a blood meal after sensing your exhaling of Carbon Dioxide, and will become stuck to the tape in the process. Bird Mites have the annoying ability of being able to climb walls and drop from above, so although this is possible, I suspect most would end up being caught on the tape. Of course if you’re serious about keeping Bird Mites off of you while you sleep you can also tape a rectangle above your bed on the ceiling – this will make you pretty much Mite-Proof as long and your duvet/extremities doesn’t roll over the tape during the night.

Another method is to wrap the tape around the bed legs if you have legs that aren’t too awkward-shaped/hidden away.Sleeping without Bird Mites

  • Bed-leg traps

If you’re lucky enough to have a bed with four narrow feet, find four containers that can support the weight of each foot of the bed. Place the containers under the feet and fill each container half-full with rubbing alcohol. As a Bird Mite tries to climb the bed-legs to get to you during the night, it will either stay away from the alcohol, or fall in and die instantly. Win-win!

  • White Sheets

Although this won’t keep ‘Bed Mites’ away, it will make it so much easier to spot the black/red specks against the sheets if you are looking to confirm an infestation. Having Mites in bed with you is much more worrying and stressful if it’s impossible to see them, so every little advantage helps – and white sheets definitely help to make Bird Mites more visible.

  • “Ring of Earth”

Buy some Diatomaceous Earth (more information on this product here) and sprinkle it all around your bed on the floor if you are unfortunate enough not to have four feet you are able to place into alcohol containers as above. This method is quite messy the the DA will dry out the Bird Mite shell and suck all of the moisture from them and cause them to dehydrate to death.


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Phil milburn - June 5, 2016

I NEED something to get rid of bird mites in my bedroom any suggestions please

Fran - December 28, 2016

Question: I see here that you advice to steam or use the steamer, but then you say that a pan of hot water will attract them, then would n´t the steamer attract this bugs anyways?

    admin - February 3, 2017

    Hi Fran, the pan and hot water attracts them to help identify them, but the steam is applied on the carpet all around the room in order to directly kill them.

annette - March 9, 2017

can you help i have tiny black things mostly in bedroom and they are in ma washing basket if i shake the washing in the bath they fall of they dont move if they get on me they dont bite but i get ichy what are they

Common sense - June 8, 2018

Bird mites are beyond extremely rare and host specific. Meaning no birds = no bird mites. It’s peobaboy something else. Sound neurological.

Commonsense - June 15, 2018

Bird mites CANNOT live on human blood. Millions of years of evolution made it that way. If you’re getting bit it’s because you got in their way and they mistook you for a bird, and can only live without a host (BIRD) for 3-7 days, maximum. So check if there’s a nest near the house- and remove it. Easy. If your still getting bit it’s something else, neurological, psychological or your spraying too many chemicals (side effect is itching, etc), not to mention it is extremely rare for bird mites to even be an issue. These websites are designed to scare you and pray on your fears for monetary reasons (-ads) ,Use common sense.

Rosa H. Garcia - August 1, 2018

You’re not going to believe me, but…I got tag teamed by a bot fly and a bird mite!!Insanity in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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