Bird Mites Treatment

So you’ve chosen to conduct Bird Mites treatment yourself…

Choosing DIY Bird Mites treatment over professional help can be successful if done correctly. During my Bird Mite infestation I was able to completely eliminate the Bird Mites within the space of several weeks. It is not advisable to use just one method in order to get rid of them though – rather you should work hard to make sure you are doing as many different things as possible. This will help you to get rid of Bird Mites as quickly as possible and to prevent the infestation from growing even larger.

Vacuum (lots!)

Probably the most important job of all. The main transportation method for Bird Mites will be to crawl along the floor to reach their blood meals. The fibres in the carpet also serve for great hiding places and I can guarantee that you have more Bird Mites hiding in your carpets than what you can see.

When vacuum cleaning, make sure that you dig the adaptor (the thinner the adaptor the better) as deeply as possible into the cracks where the carpet meeting the skirting, you don’t want eggs escaping the vacuum. Make sure you go over every area of the floor and vacuum in straight lines from one side to the other is a great method to ensure that you don’t miss any areas. You can also hoover your matress and other fabrics using the brush filter.

You will require a vacuum with sufficient power and suction to get deep into the carpet fibres and it’s also vital that you use a vacuum with the highest level of filtration available to ensure that the smallest of partials (Bed Bug nymphs and eggs) are sucked up and filtered directly into the bag/chamber. HEPA vacuums are claimed to remove 99.97% of all particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns and upwards – and so are a great purchase to ensure that every possible creature/egg is caught.

Hoover as much as you possibly can – I advise to hoover at least morning and evening. Once you have finished a vacuum session, empty the back/chamber into another plastic back and tape it up to ensure there are no gaps. Tape this plastic bag into another plastic bag and move outdoors. Bird Mites and eggs can survive the vacuum process so it’s vital for you to not let any back out once the vacuum is emptied. If the vacuum is bag-less, clean the inside of the removable chamber with water/bleach as best as possible but be careful not to get any electrics wet.

Keep fabrics that are free from infestation taped in plastic bags so you don’t need to re-vacuum them continuously. Below are are few Vacuums I recommend based on their power, suction, price and filtration. All of the below vacuums will be suitable and do a good job and pulling Bird Mites/eggs out of carpets and fabrics.

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum



Bissell CleanView Upright Vacuum


Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum


Hoover Commercial C2401 Backpack Vacuum


BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L Cordless Handheld Vacuum



Using a steamer is great way of ensuring that whatever you have washed or vacuumed is 100% clear of Bird Mites and eggs. Steamers can reach temperatures of over 120 Celsius and just a few seconds exposure is sure to kill anything hiding in carpets/fabric.

An advantage of steamers is that they are a sure-fire way of killing Bird Mites on sire while being completely chemical-free. Steaming is also the best way to decontaminate areas which are too difficult to clean with a vacuum – such as curtains and duvets that don’t fit in the washing machine.

The number one tip when using steamers is to read the instructions and be careful – they get extremely hot so proceed with caution. It is also best to always steam after vacuuming in order for this method to be at it’s most effective. You should also always put any chemicals/pesticides down AFTER steaming to ensure that the steam doesn’t render any of the chemicals/elements useless or harmful to humans.

You can go over clothes with steamers in straight lines to ensure that the whole area is treated – and you can clean floors/carpets using the same method. Be sure to use a crevice nozzle to get deep between the carpet and skirting board. Steamers can also used on table-tops and other hard surfaces to ensure that any eggs stuck onto objects are quickly destroyed.

Below are some steamers that I recommend based on their price, heat levels, ease of use, storage and time it takes to get up to temperature.

VonHaus 600W 2-in-1 Vacuum


Shark Navigator Professional Vacuum


Clean Walls / Surfaces

Again, this is an important step as the four walls in each room of an infestation takes up a large area in which Bird Mites could be crawling or where eggs are being laid. You have to remember that Bird Mites aren’t some superhuman mutant that can survive in post-apocalyptic environments – a simple solution of water/bleach or water/warm soap should be enough to remove Bird Mites and eggs.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of bleach or a moderate amount of soap and go over each wall with a sponge. Do this at least once a day, but twice will be more effective. It would make sense to do this before vacuuming, so you can clear up any Bird Mites or eggs that are still alive that may have fallen to the floor.

To ensure that the walls a truly clear of any Bird Mites and eggs, buy some rubbing alcohol and a spray bottle and spray so alcohol on the walls, making sure you cover the whole area by using a wipe/cloth to spread the alcohol. This will be enough to kill any Bird Mites on contact.

This cheap rubbing alcohol will be perfect for the job

Swan 99% Rubbing Alcohol



Bird Mites love hot, humid environments. One of the best ways to ensure that the environment is as harsh as possible for the Bird Mites is to invest in a dehumidifier. These will extract a great amount of moisture from the air, leaving the room/house with a low level of humidity. This also has other advantages such a preventing mould growth and window condensation.

Dehumidifiers can be bought as reusable electric-powered devices, or in a manual one-use only/disposable device form. Both are effective although the electric dehumidifiers will work out cheaper in the long-run and have more advanced mechanisms to remove moisture as best as possible. You may need to buy multiple dehumidifiers depending on how many rooms you wish to treat. A large well-designed electric dehumidifier will probably be able to treat the whole upstairs of a 2/3 bedroom home if left on the landing in a central position.

Below is a list of dehumidifiers I recommend based on their price and how effective they are at removing moisture from the air.


DampRid One-Use Moisture Absorber



Eva-dry Electric Dehumidifier



Frigidaire 70-Pint Dehumidifier


Seal Infested Mattresses

To ensure that your mattress/bedding/springboard/pillows stay clean from infestation, it is very wise to enclose them in special mite-proof casings. These will ensure that no mites no-matter how small will be able to get through to the enclosed objects.

IMPORTANT: You must ensure that all objects you intend to place in a mite-proof casing are clean of any Bird Mites or eggs before enclosure. The best method would be to wash and tumble-dry bedding/pillows and vacuum and steam clean mattresses and duvets.

Once the objects have been cleaned and all infested areas have been cleared, proceed to zip them into the casings. Any Bird Mites or eggs trapped within the casing will eventually die off as they will not be able to escape. It is advisable that once enclosed, you don’t open the casing for at least a year to be certain that all eggs/Bird Mites that may have been trapped within the casing (all species) have died.

Below is a section showing some of the best mite-proof casings available on the marking today. As above, I have also reviewed some cheaper casings that should still do the job perfectly fine.

Sleep Safe Allergen Proof Pillow


Allersoft 100-Percent Cotton Allergen Proof Duvet Protector


Sleep Defense System Allergen Proof Mattress Encasement


SureGuard Allergen Proof Box Spring Encasement


Diatomaceous Earth

This is something you may not have heard of before. DE (Diatomaceous Earth) is a natural and non-toxic very fine powder made up of fossilized algae called Diatoms. Food Grade DE is that safest form and is so safe it can actually be eaten! Be very careful when laying and cleaning it up though as it is so fine it can become airborne very easily and can irritate your throat/lungs in large quantities. a dust mask is advisable when using DE in large quantities.

DE works by shredding the outer layer of most hard-shelled insects and by removing the waxy outer-protective layer. Without this layer most insects will have water escape their bodies and they will eventually dehydrate and die.

DE can also be used as a barrier for areas where you don’t want Bird Mites crawling – for example I used it to encircle my bed to ensure I got a good night sleeps. Read more about this method on my stop Bird Mites in bed guide. Bird Mites will actively avoid stepping through DE so it is a great deterrent.

As DE is chemical-free Bird Mites and other creatures will never grow resistant to it which is a great advantage. You will need to be patient however – DE can take a little while (between 1/2 weeks) take effect and kill insects so don’t expect instant result – it become very effective after a couple of weeks though.

An effective method of using DE is to sprinkle it around all cracks/crevices that Bird Mites are using and around all the skirting boards within an infested room. Leave the DE on the floor for about a month and clean up. Repeat again if necessary. A good vacuum should get most DE up off the floor/carpet when it comes to cleaning.

The below products are perfect for the above methods.

 Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth


Respirator Multi-Pack



I had some very good success with some sprays I was using at the height of my infestation. It is rather trial-and-error though as each spray brand will have contain different levels of each particular ingredient. I also chose the sprays which leaved a residure for up to 6 weeks after they had been sprayed, meaning that if there was a particular part of a wall for example that was a popular Bird Mite transportation route, spray a residue spray on this area will kill mites that came in contact with it for over a month. Of course as time went by the effectiveness wore off. Spraying this spray directly onto a Bird Mite appeared to kill it instantly.

As well as being able to cut off transportation routes, sprays are a great way of getting to Bird Mites that are tucked away in cracks and crevices. A good spray into these locations should kill most insects hiding up.

Warning though: Sprays probably aren’t too effective at killing eggs due to their tough enclosed outer-shell. While spraying is definitely recommended, you will needs to use this method along with others such as steaming and tumble-drying.

Below are some personally recommended sprays and other sprays that have had great customer reviews.

Raid Ant & Roach Killer (Prolonged Action)


All Natural Eucoclean Bug Spray


Zoecon Precor 2000 Plus Premise Pest Killer Spray


Bug Bomb

I advise to only user bug bombs/foggers/fumigators as a last resort. They are very hit-and-miss and can stink rooms out for days and are probably not great for your health either. Having said that if you have a room with many holes/cracks in the walls/ceiling/skirting that you just can’t get to then this may be a good option.

Although I’ve never tested any type of bug bomb, the below products are the ones that I could find with somewhat positive reviews.

Hot Shot Fogger – 3 Pack


Spectracide Fogger – 6 Pack

Lint Roller

Lint rollers are great at removing Bird Mites and eggs from fabrics. Simply ensure the roller is loaded with lint tape and roll over a section of fabric. Anything that comes in contact with the tape will stick and be pulled away. This is also a great way of catching live Bird Mites for the use of showing a pest control expert/entomologist so they can identify/confirm the species of insect.

The below Lint Rollers would be perfect for the job.

Scotch-Brite 95 Sheet Lint Roller Pack

Sticky Tape

A good double-sided sticky tape role is perfect for creating “safe zones” – around beds for example. Check out the stop mites in bed page for more information on this method.

XFasten Double-Side Tape


3M Utility Duct Tape

Other Products

Although I haven’t personally tested these products, others appear to have had varying degrees of success with them, so I thought I’d share them with you nonetheless.

20 Mule Team Borax


Climbup Insect Traps

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Diane - April 4, 2016

Your site is one of the best and thank you for the information.
We bought the Eva Dry petite dehumidifier you recommended and it is not strong enough to dehumidify our 13 X 15 bedroom which has a 9 foot ceiling. We know this because we also purchased an Acurite humidity monitor. Last night the humidity got up to 77% even though the humidifier was on non stop. We ordered the Mid size Eva Dry dehumidifier from Amazon today and will use that along with the petite Eva Dry and hope we can get the humidity below 50% while we are sleeping.

    admin - April 5, 2016

    Thanks for your kind comment Diane. I’m sorry the first dehumidifier wasn’t strong enough. Let’s hope your new one combined with the correct one sorts your humidity out.

Julia Forshaw - June 24, 2016

I currently have the same problem there’s no English websites about this and the horror stories are horrendous, it’s took over my life for the last 3 days.. I’m only finding the odd one now but still on the bed I really don’t know where there coming from anymore as can’t visually see any at all like I could a few days ago I’m just hoping that now I can only see the odd one that there dying out fingers crossed.

Deborah - August 21, 2017

I first of all would like to thank you for all the (GREAT) helpful information I was missing a few
Or more of your tips, I will now follow (ALL) your advise seeing I have Sarcoidosis and can’t be around or be inhauling toxins. I do have a question I would like to ask. I’ve gone to 5 doctors and nobody can tell me it’s mites I’ve been diagnosed with Lyme disease but yet told it’s Formacation which has nothing to do with sex, but yet with all the bites and now Lyme I’m confused?!? I not only infested from head to toe I’m lost where to go now?!? Please if you have any suggestions I’m open to anything. Thank you for your time. Oh I do have the heart problem been hospitalized ( NOTHING) and I’m a big cry baby now I’ve isolated myself cause I’m afraid for my family catching it. Thank you for your time. Deborah

Dr.Dana F.Flavin - September 3, 2017

I am trying Ozone blasting to get rid of my red bird mites in the apartment. I have them in my hair and bed. Help! Please can I get contact with an expert? I am exhausted. I can’t clean anymore! Can I use diamataceous earth in my body?

Susan Lopez - September 14, 2017

Thank you for your comprehensive guide on how to treat the mite infection. My flat became infested when I brought home a pet bird that had been living outdoors. I didn’t immediately treat the bird with Ivervectin and stop the mite breeding cycle and they quickly took over my apartment. Its very important to find the source and type of mites to treat effectively as they will reinfest if there is a bird blood source.

My biggest problem was treating my living-room as I have a large leather lounge and antique rugs that can’t be steamed. I had little success with roach spray of any sort but managed to get them out of my bedroom by saturating the floor, baseboards, and walls every evening when they were most active. I also sprayed my bed, linens and pillows every night until the itching stopped. Nothing was then allowed in the room unless it was washed-no people, shoes or clothing. All worn clothing was bagged and put outside until washed. The shower was difficult to keep clear as they reinvested after each showering.

Vacuuming was tricky as even with a hepa filter the mites would crawl back out and the bags were too expensive to toss after each vacuuming. I sprayed the vauum with alcohol after disposing the bag.

I think the most important thing is to find the source, identify the EXACT type of bird mite as there are several types (i.e. red mites, poultry mites, and pidgion mites which are the smallest and transparent.) and be persistant.

Bird mites die naturally after 7 days and if they don’t have a bird to feed from can’t procreate. So even with the best cleaning you can only expect the mites to disappear when thay have all died out.

Dr. Dana F.Flavin - September 25, 2017

Do they really die out eventually or keep reinfecting a human? I am losing my mind!

    jeanS - May 17, 2018

    I have searched many sites and some do say they can live and adapt to humans. However I got an email from the university bug professor who said Tropical fowl mites cannot reproduce on humans, so it cannot last longer then a month. But this is Florida so maybe other mites can last longer. So many questions!!

lisa - October 17, 2017

So… something is biting us. I thought it was fleas, but we don’t see any. And the cat is treated. So I thought it was bird mites because we’ve had multiple nestings on the balcony (and sadly, the cat has brought some of the “babies” inside. Sans heads, of course. :/ ) But I don’t SEE any mites.

I removed all nest materials from the balcony, sprayed and covered the area so they can’t nest again. (Which makes me sad, because we liked watching them.) It’s been over a month since birds have been here, but only a couple weeks since I removed the nest (which had been there for a few years.)

So… won’t the mites just disappear on their own as long as no birds are present? If, in fact, that’s what is biting us?

Katie - November 2, 2017

Nov 2017
Misery loves company, I guess.
Your story about bird mites made me smile and gave me a more positive outlook.
I moved a blue bird box off our deck in July 2017.
Evidently these mites stuck around until September-October.
However my husband brought the removed box back into the basement which may have introduced these into the house. I have slammed the box with Raid Ant and Roach and left it outside.
Being visually challenged, I have never seen a mite…but see inky-dinky little black, fiber-like things on me after I feel a bite.
You are correct: lint rollers are wonderful to grab these things…I only see minute little black specks.
I’ve been using a Bissell and will start to wash walls and vacuum ceilings…we have textured ceilings which cannot be wet.
Two days ago I removed our suet feeder…..so sad!!! as I loved seeing the birds…but hate the mites.
And, honestly I’ve prayed like mad for strength and perseverance as I am in a state of sleep deprivation.
‘been sleeping in the bathtub, which isn’t bad, as my bed is full of these mites…so are my lovely, frontroom padded chairs.
Question: how do you get mites out of padded, reclining chairs?
Can I use raid on mattresses?
Thank you, thank you for your humorous, fact-filled posting. You have done a great service to many and most of all: giving hope in a frightening situation.

Marie p tisedl - January 28, 2018

Is it really true or not that they cannot reproduce on human or dog or cat blood. There is no.much conflicting data and horror stories.

Laurie Ottley - April 4, 2018

❓❓ is there a fogger, or product that will BLOW UP,OR KILL ON CONTACT, BOTH CARPETS BEATLES, AND BIRD MITES???
IM HEADED TO THE COUNTY LOONY BIN!! in a straight jacket👍
I am so very thankful to have read you guide..

The start of my decent into Hell.
Home floods, removed all flooring and found adult carpet beatles. Have been relentlessly battling them with Neem oil,tee tree acohol,de and borax (by the way the SPRAY I am most fond of is the VODKA AND 100% NEEM,CEADER,OR LAVENDER OILS)8OZ IN SRAYER &8OZ in my GLASS!! LOL…
2️⃣) I RESCUE DOGS. Have BACK YARD SILKIE HENS, AND TOO MANY TO LIST. 😵🔫 SO , at feed store I was offered info on surefire DIY, natural options.
3) AS this beetle crap wasn’t enough one of my new chick passed away, and I discovered FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!
4️⃣ while assuming, which is a very awful trate, I thought what kept reappearing was Beatle DUNG,POOP GROSSNESS!
5️⃣. Hardwood scheduled Installation was cancelled 3 weeks ago. Rescheduled for yesterday.. hall only. Vacume, steam moped, and dumped a box of boric acid (borax) under floor.. OH AND BEACHED WALLS AND PAINTED.
6️⃣ one small bedroom is getting carpet Tomorrow. I JAVE REPEATED THE HALLWAY CLEANING,PREP. AS HALL.
NOW keep in mind these are easy,


I have 3 estates from 3 deaths of family members here in garage extra bedrooms blablabla😥😰😪
So there is vintage clothing, blankets, furniture, onandonandon…
If I was to wash all exposed fabric items🤔I will be passing MY Estate as well as the other 3 & still won’t finish….💲💰💲🤑
Or own the LAUNDRYMAT???



SO I am on medical leave, and spend 1️⃣6️⃣ hours a day doing what I’m NOT ALLOWED to be doing!!!!
🎆🎆(NOTE: After getting to the end of this CTAZY, LONG, WHINNY, CRAZYCRAZY, CALL FOR HELP, I thought 🤔admin will never ever even get to this email to see the call form HELP,knowledge,answers,and very strong MEDICATION.
LIVING ROOM wood flooring is installed Tonight, and again sano, room rented carpet Tomorrow…

🎆🎆🎆Any thoughts, comments, handsome hazmat men ,men with trucks for dump runs, ect.

And I will be waiting for a reply😰😪

Mite Crazy - April 11, 2018

I’ve been suffering a mite infestation for weeks, but only realised it four days ago when it got so bad I had to grab some things and get the hell out. Have been staying in alternate accommodation for the past few nights, cleaning, spraying and steaming myself, my clothes, clothing, my car, and more, but they just keep appearing.

Went to see a pest removal specialist and he confirmed they were bird mites. He couldn’t tell me which ones, but he said they were definitely bird mites.

I’m still finding hundreds of their tiny black specks on me every day. They usually start appearing around lunchtime (12:00/1:00pm every day). They look like tiny little specks of black pepper that begins to spread. I run the lint roller over them to remove them, but once I check back in the same position , sometimes less than 5 mins later, there are more, yet I don’t see them moving. I’ve drawn circles around some of them Some of them bite. I’m guessing they’re fowl mites as they are active during the day, and I’m not finding black specks on me in the morning. Am covering myself in a mixture of coconut oil, tea tree oil and orange oil every night, which seems to help. I also wipe any itching or biting feeling immediately with rubbing alcohol, which makes it stop. It seems worst on my scalp at night, so I really try to rub the oil mix in there to cover it completely.

Seriously don’t know where to turn to next. Have been to the hospital twice, because I was so desperate. Both times, they fobbed me off, and essentially said, “What do you want us to do about it?” They seriously didn’t have any knowledge about them. They thought I was essentially making it up, even though I showed them the bite marks, had the sample of them with me, and then they started appearing on my skin. Not sure what more I could show them.

Have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow, and will try and get a referral to a dermatologist, as they seem like they just appear on my skin, as if they’re coming through the pores, plus I never see them move. It just makes no sense to me. I don’t really have much hope at this point and not sure where else to turn. I’m trying to isolate myself from people, as I don’t want to spread it, but where am I supposed to go, a leper’s colony?

This is serious problem, and so many people are suffering, and yet there seems to be no apparatus to deal with this? Absolutely insane, which isn’t far off how dealing with this nightmare can make you feel.

I’m thinking I must be getting reinfected/reinfested from my car, but I’ve sprayed every square millimetre of it with every ‘ethrin’ under the sun, along with 99% alcohol and bleach.

I know it’s only been four days since I left the source of the infestation, but surely I should start seeing some progress by now?

Am trying some bifenthrin pesticide through a thermal fogger in my car. If that doesn’t work, I’m not sure what to do…

If anyone has any bright ideas, I’m all ears… Please?

    Tami Morigi - June 12, 2018

    I’m sorry you’ve gone thru this. 🙁
    Would you happen to have an update, it’s been since April when you posted this incident and I’m very curious on where you’re at with this now, and how things have transpired. Thanks!

    George - August 15, 2018

    Vacuum thoroughly and spray some peppermint oil from Walgreens and walk away…
    Vacuum vacuum vacuum vacuum and did I say vacuum? Wash her clothes and put them in bags and seal them up I use the huge ziplock bags
    Put them all in storage / closet / or garage
    Wipe your walls and doors with Clorox lemon wipes
    Take a hot bath and use dr bronzers proerment soap everyday
    Take a shower every night and use a scrubbie pad ( easy) and tee tree oil soap and make sure you throw it away
    Use a steamer or iron always and keep your clothes steamed up !

    Ellen McMahon - August 18, 2018

    Have you resolved the bird mite infestation? If so, how? I’m on an identical situation and need some advice!

Barb - July 23, 2018

First I’d like to say “thank you” for all the great info. I’d like to say there is a lotion that stops the itch and even extracts the mites, larva and eggs off your skin. There is also a shampoo additive. I ordered and used it so I know it works! I referred it to another gentleman I met at Walmart and he said it was a miracle lotion. I felt the same way since I had slept that long and sound since I got these God awful mites. I’ve been doing these suggestions prior to reading this forum and I can tell you it’s letting up, but it’s not time to rest yet.
Let me share a few more valuable tips.
1.There are methanol crystals online that you place on a scensty burner or something like that. I’m waiting on my crystals, but I’ve heard they work since they skeletonize the parasite. You can place one in a couple of rooms for an hr or so. Please be careful if you use the candle kind. I’ve heard it will clear the sinuses. lol.
2. I would suggest change/wash bedding every 2 days with white or light colored sheets so you can judge progress.
3. You will be surprised that these mites are everywhere! I would put all extra pillows(decorative), stuffed animals, etc. in large plastic bags in your garage or shed. Anything with fiber will be a nesting place. Large comforters, etc..

    Ellen McMahon - September 1, 2018

    Barb, could you share the name of the lotion and shampoo you mentioned?

George - August 15, 2018

Oh and buy a small shop vac and BAGS !!!!! buy a million bags and throw out every time you vacuum !!!!!!!


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