My Bird Mites Story

June 2015 and I was driving home from a restaurant with my girlfriend when a newspaper she was reading had a small article on Bed Bugs. “I thought Bed Bugs were microscopic” she asked me – I knew they weren’t has had researched them a little while previously and knew they could be seen with the naked eye. We both squirmed at the thought for a couple of seconds and shifted conversation to another random topic.

Later that exact evening (very creepy) I was sitting in bed on my laptop and felt a little itch on my arm… Read More


Bird Mites Treatment

So you’ve chosen to conduct Bird Mites treatment yourself…

Choosing DIY Bird Mites treatment over professional help can be successful if done correctly. During my Bird Mite infestation I was able to completely eliminate the Bird Mites within the space of several weeks. It is not advisable to use just one method in order to get rid of them though – rather you should work hard to make sure you are doing as many different things as possible. This will help you to get rid of Bird Mites as quickly as possible and to prevent the infestation from growing even larger. Read More


How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites

The below methods on how to get rid of Bird Mites will put you on the front foot of winning the fight. Once you have gotten the infestation at least partially under control, you can then decide whether to either go down the route of treating the complete infestation yourself (see here for further DIY treatment info) or you can proceed to call in a professional Bird Mite/Pest expert. Bird Mite removal can be achieved with both methods with a bit of careful planning. Read More


Stop Bird Mites In Bed

Let’s get one thing clear – there is no such thing as ‘Bed Mites’. Although there are many bugs and parasite species that can end up sharing a bed with you, they are varied and differential and the bites you may be receiving are not ‘Bed Mites bites’. We are focussing on Bird Mite infestations that can potentially occur in your bedroom, with the situation normally being that you end up with Mites in bed with you.

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Can Bird Mites Live On Humans?

Bird Mites on Humans becomes possible in a few of different ways. When a Bird Host moves on or dies, the parasitic Bird Mites then need to search out a new host to feed on. If the Bird/nest was within close proximity of a home then the Bird Mites may enter in search for a new host here. Bird Mites can also be exchanged to Humans from Birds when they are handled. Read More