How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites

The below methods on how to get rid of Bird Mites will put you on the front foot of winning the fight. Once you have gotten the infestation at least partially under control, you can then decide whether to either go down the route of treating the complete infestation yourself (see here for further DIY treatment info) or you can proceed to call in a professional Bird Mite/Pest expert. Bird Mite removal can be achieved with both methods with a bit of careful planning.

Don’t Panic! Stay Calm.

Step number one – and definitely the most important – stay calm! Don’t work yourself up, stress out and loose sleep, this is only going to make it harder put all your effort into irradiating these Bird Mites. Just remember, they can’t hurt you – relax, and check out this page for some tips on how to get the best sleep possible while fighting an infestation.

Remove the Source of the Problem

Equally important as the above step – you’re going to want to find where the problem is stemming from as soon as possible, and get rid of the source ASAP. It can sometimes be surprisingly difficult to find where are the Bird Mites are actually coming from – Birds can nest in the smallest of spaces and crevices so you will need a sharp eye and will have to look very closely at all red-flag locations. Look all around the outside of the house, in any loose brickwork, in the gutters, under roof tiles, in nearby bushes, in the chimney, in air vents, in wide piping. There are dozens of placing where these Bird Mites are coming from so make sure you look as thoroughly as possible. Be careful when removing a nest as you will want to make sure you don’t leave any behind.


Some states/countries have strict bird protection laws for some species of wild birds – research the laws in your area before removing any nest that you have identified as the problem.

Call a Professional / Identify the Culprits

You may want to try and tackle the issue by yourself, and this is fine to try, but you may still be better off by asking for a professional’s advice in the first instance and let them help you with your Bird Mite removal. At the very least you will want the creature identified to ensure you truly know what you are dealing with. Even if you eventually decide that you don’t want a professional to step in and help – they may be able to give you some advice on how to get rid of Bird Mites if you ask nice enough.

Remove Clutter

A pile of junk is a great Bird Mite hiding place

Bird Mites love nothing more than a big pile of junk to hide in, waiting for you to fall asleep at night. An important step in all infestation clearance operations is to get the site of infestation as tidy and clutter-free as possible to minimise as many hiding places as possible.

Although this step can be time-consuming and messy, the more objects you can clear from the area, the easier it will be to treat the problem.


Be very cautious when moving potentially infested objects from the area. Everything you want to move out of the way could potentially have Bird Mites or eggs attached – which you don’t want to spread throughout the house further from the main site of infestation. Everything thing you move – double (or even triple) bag it – even if you’re planning to throw things away. We will be dealing with making sure these objects are Bird Mite free in the next step.

Clean Clean Clean

Once the area is clear of clutter, the potential number of hiding places for Bird Mites should now be thoroughly diminished. Now you have a clear area to work with, you will want this area to remain as clean as possible right up until the last Bird Mite is dead.

Hoover the floors as much as time allows – you will be wanting to do this at least once a day, but ideally twice or more.  Read more about hoovering techniques here.

Constantly make sure the walls are clean. Many people have success with spraying rubbing alcohol along the walls, but I find a water/bleach, or even just a water/soap combination adequate to keep the walls clean. Any of the prior combos should be enough to kill Bird Mites. More on keeping hard surfaces clean here.

Wash ALL clothes that have recently been in the infested area. Clothes are great hiding places for Bird Mites and could potentially be covered in eggs. Double-bag all of your clothes and move the to your washing machine. A 60 degrees C (140 degrees F), 30 minute wash should be hot enough and long enough to kill all life stages of Bird Mites (adults, nymphs and eggs). A quick spin in the dryer (if you have one) after the wash will make doubly sure and may help put your mind further at rest.

Any objects/junk we cleared from the area in the previous step should also be thoroughly washed and cleaned. A bleach/water or soap/water combo should be used for any large objects. If the objects are small enough, and aren’t destroyable in water – a good quick method of cleaning is to place these objects in a very hot soapy bath. 30 minutes in the environment should destroy all Bird Mites and eggs. Once all movable objects are cleaned, keep them far out of reach of the infested area.

Wash your clothes and linen daily – you don’t want to be taking any Bird Mites with you wherever you go, and you don’t want to be sleeping with a buildup of Bird Mites between linen washes. The best type of Bird Mite treatment is prevention.

While we’re on the topic of cleaning – if you have any pets – clean them! Make sure they’re always as clean as possible and try as hard as you an to keep them away from any infested areas.


This is an important, but often overlooked tip when talking about how to get rid of Bird Mites. Bird Mites love humid, damp environments and doing anything you can to make them feel uncomfortable is going to swing the battle in your favour. Investing in a good quality dehumidifier will guarantee that moisture will be sucked from the air in infested rooms and will make the environment much harsher for the Bird Mites, making it more difficult for them to survive. See here for more dehumidifying tips to help with Bird Mite removal.

So You’ve Decided to tackle the problem all by Yourself…

How to get rid of Bird Mites... Hire Rambo

If you’ve decided to go all-out Rambo in this war, you’re going to want to make sure you’re armed with the best Bird Mite treatment methods and products that are guaranteed to destroy the enemy. Go here to start your crusade and pick your weapons of choice. Once you finally figure out a plan on how to get rid of Birds Mites, your mind suddenly becomes much clearer and the determination and willpower comes back – you finally want to regain control of YOUR home! Good luck.

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Fran - December 28, 2016

Hi, I´m having some issues with a presuming bird mite infestation although I also think Collembola are involved. Can you please explain your hoovering techniques, any additional help would be very helpful.

Frantze - January 4, 2017

Can you please send me your DIY products, the link no longer opens, and I´m in desperate needs of help!!!!

Alicis - September 29, 2017

I think I have/had a bird mite infestation.I no longer feel any crawling sensation after treating my whole place with bleach and insecticide, but I still experience a biting sensation. The thing is though, the sensations occur frequently in the same spots. Could I still be dealing with the bird mites or is it an allergic reaction to past bites? Anybody can shed some light on this? I’ve read of other people who experience nipping/biting sensation even after the mites have been eradicated.


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